Mr Bullet


Would you like to try yourself as a sniper? This game will appeal to everyone who has no problems with spatial thinking. You will have to carefully consider each of your shots. To accurately hit the target, you need to correctly assess the situation in which you find yourself.

You will receive a task to destroy the enemy at each level. The accuracy of the hit depends on your view of things. Can you correctly determine where the bullet will fly next time? How many attempts will you need to make before you learn how to hit right on target?

Several characters and several skins will be available just before the start. Be vigilant and attentive so that the bullet does not recoil. You will be in a wide variety of locations. Sometimes you will need to overcome even a few obstacles before you get to the goal. You have a limited supply of bullets that you can use.

Therefore, there can be no extra attempts here. Improve your shooting skills with your character. You will receive a cash reward for each successfully completed level. You can use this money in the store to transform your character. How many times do you have to shoot to accurately hit the target?