Kick The Buddy

How wide is your fantasy? How many sophisticated different ways to make fun of a dude can you think of? A wide variety of components are available to you in this game that will help your imagination run wild. You can put a dude in the microwave, kill him with a birthday cake.

You can also use chainsaw, knives and a lot of other items. You can just throw the dude up and watch him land. Your reward depends on its damage. How much money or coins you get at the end of the level is up to you.

Can you turn the dude into a grill or put him in a blender? Use a hydraulic press or just flush the dude down the toilet. You will not believe it, but here you will even find an electric chair or a guillotine. You must destroy it in any possible or impossible way. How many tricks can you find here? A new animal tab will let your imagination run wild: call a lion, a snake or a scorpion for help.

What happens to the dude if he meets with a horde of ants or with a whole army of other animals? This is a very unusual and fun anti-stress with many options to choose from. Start with the simplest: a meat grinder. And then just let your imagination fo further. Once you start your trials on a dude, you won’t be able to stop. It’s pretty entertaining and fun.