My Tamagotchi Forever

Welcome to Tamatown. How cool is it to have your own friend to look after, and even in your phone. You can get yourself a new favorite pet, dress it up and take care of its appearance. And not only. You can spend all your free time with your new friend.

Do not forget that he is real and he also wants to eat and drink on time. Above all, don’t forget to walk him. He loves to play with his friends just like you. This includes several minies that will make your stay in this city even more fun. You will be able to fully enjoy everything that happens with your friends and even be able to share your memories with them.

Now you can choose what you will feed your pet. Do not forget about the cleanliness of your pet, bathe him in time and make sure that he is neat. Keep his clothes clean. You can collect your pets and watch how they turn from babies into adult animals in My Tamagotchi Forever.

As soon as you need to break away for a while, make sure that your pet has enough water and food. He loves to have fun and will involve you in various kinds of entertainment.

Each new entry will intrigue you with surprises and contests in which you will participate with your fluffy. What he will be, what his character and his habits depend on you. After all, pets always look like their owners.