Five Nights in Anime


This game was released as a parody of a popular product with a huge fan base. And people liked it. Let’s find out the secret that made it famous, and why are all the antagonists here cute girls?

What is your main goal?

You are an ordinary security guard who has been working in a huge building for a week. Every day you have to guard the place until the morning. You will be given a room with cameras that you have to check to make sure nothing dangerous happens. And as you quietly check the cameras, you discover that the place is full of animetronics – big robots with human bodies.

The task seems simple – you just need to stay until dawn and make it through the week. Suddenly you realise that all the robots are alive, changing location and approaching your room. That’s when things get even more dangerous.

To protect your character, you need to lock the doors and turn on the lights in the corridors. The biggest problem, however, is that you have a limited amount of power, so you can only use the cameras, doors and lights once in a single shift. So the only way to win in Five Nights of Anime is to use your intelligence and pay attention to everything going on around you.

Who are the antagonists?

“Five Nights of Anime” speaks for itself. Your enemies are the popular antagonists from the original series, but in a charming animated version. Now they’re all girls with different hairstyles and big eyes. But don’t think that makes them any less scary, because the jumps are still there. And you’ll meet your favourite antagonist.

Freddie, the famous bear, purple rabbit and yellow chicken are waiting for you. Just like in the original, they roam around the building and sometimes come into your room. What can you do to avoid them? Watch the cameras, and when you see them approaching, turn on the lights and keep the doors closed. Wait a moment and then move on.

You must be very careful when detecting their approach. Because as soon as you lower your guard, they will jump out and scare you. Remember that you have two doors, so enemies can come out from both sides. And when they jump in front of you, it’s game over, so you have to start again.

Explore the room to find something interesting, look at the pictures and notes, and remember your mission. Use lights and cameras and you’re sure to win. Or not, because animations are clever too!

Japanese cartoon fans will also have fun thanks to the unique graphics. And of course, if you’re a fan of products that can really scare you, this is your chance to experience a real nightmare. Try to stay alive and complete the mission!